Monday, September 17, 2012

DAUGHTER JENEFA JOANNA'S ARTICLE (17-09-2012 - II year B.Tech., Coimbatore) - 'Why this silence'?

Did you read the Washington post?

A recent article states that Mr.Manmohan Singh, our prime minister is “shy, dithering and ineffectual”! Beat that! As I went on to read that article, (apart from the fact that my blood was boiling!) I was thinking has India really gone to such levels? The article even goes onto say that India’s “reputation for rampant corruption has reasserted itself”! Are we even bothered that we have been labelled like this or have we become too thick-skinned? Pick up the newspaper, you’ll find news strewn about xyz party fighting over some land, some don’t want to go ahead with the nuke-project, some of them want to bring a new train to their own village for their own benefits and then call it ‘rural development’, some of them are  fighting  corruption by blocking roads, damaging public property!!! Definitely, you can’t stop all this by fasting and protesting! Why is all this happening and where are WE? Remember the 5 messages per day ban? (Well, how can anyone forget that?) Did any of us think what led to that?

We are so candid about things in life. Things relating to us, things relating to our motherland! Why? There are riots happening, scams taking place, economy collapsing... And all we are worried about is our next profile picture, our next status update, our ‘i-phone’, our tab etc! Well, agreed not ALL of us are like that, but for those of us who are aware, why aren’t we rising up and why aren’t we raising people around us? Why are we being dormant onlookers?  Are we content to be shut inside our homes, offices, rooms and watching the scene around and clucking our tongues? Or Are we more concerned about the next hip place in town, our 8-digit pay package, the new car we got for our birthday?

Why is the SILENCE persisting? Why are we being ignorant? What are we doing? The recent Olympics say a lot about India, having a population of a billion, we couldn’t produce a single gold medal! The fight against all these problems begins with us. Every individual’s values and morals play a big role in this! Take ourselves, how many of  us sincerely throw wrappers and waste only in the trash cans? Okay I agree not everywhere you find them, but still, why can’t we wait till we go home and throw it where it should be thrown?  (Or are we afraid that it’ll dirty our Gucci bag and stain the scent of our Dior perfume?)We are just so used to throwing it on the roadside! Right? We need to remember, all big things have a small beginning. You can’t expect a change overnight. It is you who has to refuse to bribe a ticket collector when you travel on trains without a ticket. It all depends on you!

 Enough of asking ‘why’! We are the GENX, Come on, let’s buck up, We are the ones who’ve got to stand up, defend and make our country proud! It’s enough of dreaming about getting a job in Silicon Valley lets create a valley of gold in our very own soil! We have the brains and we have the resources too, let’s start here. We are educated, we come from good family backgrounds, we have what it takes to influence people, so, lets not shy away from our responsibilities as citizens of India, it’s our sole duty to protect and defend our country! It’s been 65 years since we’ve attained independence and our country is still developing! As they say it’s never too late to start, let’s BE the change we want to see!

Let’s create a SOUND and MUSIC and make the world look at us in amazement!

Let the ‘why this’ change to ‘how this’!!!